Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Shopping (haul)

I had a dentist appointment today, so we used that as an excuse to take my cousin downtown and show him around (+do some shopping). We also ate a lot of good (and some weird) food in China Town. Take a look at what I brought home with me...

Black & White Suspender Shorts - Forever 21
Gold #13 Jersey - Forever 21
High Waisted Leather Quilted Shorts - Forever 21

Fringe Muscle Tees - Wildfox Couture

Volcano Cropped Sweatshirt Top - Urban Outfitters
Silver Watch - American Exchange
Printed Maxi - Nordstrom
Pink Semi Clear Jelly Bag - Forever 21

I know a lot of people, like the girls at my school, hate forever 21, but I just dont see it. Sure the quality isn't the best, and the designs are all copied from more expensive popular items.... but the prices are so nice! I can never find a lot when I go, but I always find a few items that I love. Like my new hot pink jelly bag that matches my new fur coat amazingly! Also, you cant deny that the golden jersey isn't amazing! I'm a little worried about that one getting too popular though, but we'll see...
I am also kind of tired of the fringe tanks (guess how many were at forever 21 as well!) but these two wildfox couture tops were only $20 each, so I had to get them. I can definitely wear them enough times for the $40 to have been well put to use.
When going to Urban Outfitters I was a little hesitant because I lost my employee discount for the summer (so upset about this, they gave me no warning!), but I decided just to scrawl through the sale. I only found this one crop top anyway, and my dads birthday present, its coming up soon!
For the watch, all I have to say is that I needed a silver watch because I am SO tired of always having to coordinate my jewelry to not clash with my gold Casio. I'm a watch girl, I feel so completely lost without one on.... This one is decent, but I couldn't find any thing nicer within my price range.
What pieces that I picked up today do you like best?


  1. Great post!! :) I love your blog, I'm following you :)


  2. just loved your haul x
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