Sunday, June 9, 2013

Too Cold To Care

The nice real summer weather San Francisco has been having has come to an end. Today its the usual foggy, with pretty strong winds (which is quite visible in my photos). The change in climate came at a pretty good time though, because I got to wear my new homies beanie. I have macroeconomics homework to do today, so I dressed to take a afternoon walk with my mom, and still be cozy enough to come home to do work. Very basic. The cold weather is really just making me want to stay in bed all they, so I apologize for not putting a lot of effort into my outfit, but at least you guys can see what I wear when I really don't care.

Homies Beanie - Asos
T-shirt Dress - Free People
Widow Leggings - Karmaloop
Hoodie - Brandy Melville
High Tops - Converse


  1. Love seeing you in the high top chucks!

    1. haha, yeah? i wear them a lot actually!