Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Shopping (haul)

I had a dentist appointment today, so we used that as an excuse to take my cousin downtown and show him around (+do some shopping). We also ate a lot of good (and some weird) food in China Town. Take a look at what I brought home with me...

Black & White Suspender Shorts - Forever 21
Gold #13 Jersey - Forever 21
High Waisted Leather Quilted Shorts - Forever 21

Fringe Muscle Tees - Wildfox Couture

Volcano Cropped Sweatshirt Top - Urban Outfitters
Silver Watch - American Exchange
Printed Maxi - Nordstrom
Pink Semi Clear Jelly Bag - Forever 21

I know a lot of people, like the girls at my school, hate forever 21, but I just dont see it. Sure the quality isn't the best, and the designs are all copied from more expensive popular items.... but the prices are so nice! I can never find a lot when I go, but I always find a few items that I love. Like my new hot pink jelly bag that matches my new fur coat amazingly! Also, you cant deny that the golden jersey isn't amazing! I'm a little worried about that one getting too popular though, but we'll see...
I am also kind of tired of the fringe tanks (guess how many were at forever 21 as well!) but these two wildfox couture tops were only $20 each, so I had to get them. I can definitely wear them enough times for the $40 to have been well put to use.
When going to Urban Outfitters I was a little hesitant because I lost my employee discount for the summer (so upset about this, they gave me no warning!), but I decided just to scrawl through the sale. I only found this one crop top anyway, and my dads birthday present, its coming up soon!
For the watch, all I have to say is that I needed a silver watch because I am SO tired of always having to coordinate my jewelry to not clash with my gold Casio. I'm a watch girl, I feel so completely lost without one on.... This one is decent, but I couldn't find any thing nicer within my price range.
What pieces that I picked up today do you like best?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Its A Pink Thing

I have really been into pink lately, as you can tell from my recent outfits. But this new hot pink fur coat is just the most amazing thing ever! I bought it at a perfect time too, most of you probably are having hot summer weather, but today it was cold and rainy in San Francisco. The rain is on and off, hence the sweater wrapped around my waist, dont want to get my new fur wet, so if I decide to go outside when its raining I just switch. I do miss the nice weather though, so my mom, my cousin and I are going back up to the Mt. Shasta area on Wednesday. Sun, lakes, rivers for a week will do me some good!

Petals And Peacocks Barf Beanie - Dollskill
Vintage Hot Pink Fur Coat - Flea Market
Suede Crop Top - Brandy Melville
Grey High Low Sweater - Ambiance SF
PU Leather Circle Skirt - Free People
Black Thigh High Socks - American Apparel
UNIF Hellbounds - Urban Outfitters

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flea Market Finds

On the way to the beach yesterday we drove by the parking lot where our local flea market takes place. I haven't gone in years, and decided I need to go soon since I love flea markets, garage sale, etc. Later that evening my friend wrote me asking if we should go to the flea market - it was like she read my mind! So this morning my cousin and I met up with my two of my friends at the market and took a look around. I wanted to snap some more pictures of things I liked/stands/people, but the nice weather we have been having is officially over, the rain has come. I did end of finding some pretty awesome stuff though! Sadly the turquoise stone covered silver cuff bracelet with removable watch face didn't come home with me, but here is what did:

Pendants from Afganistan (haggled down $5)

Uncut Stones (haggled down $1)

Pink Rabbit Fur Coat (reversible!)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pink Like A Girl

Although it is really nice weather in San Francisco today, I decided to layer up. We are taking my cousin to the beach later, and for those of you who think San Francisco is super nice and "California-y" with palm trees and 24/7 nice weather, you are wrong. San Francisco has been having lucky nice weather, because usually it is foggy and cool, which I like (layers are my best friend). The beach is always windy, and the water is too cold to even step into. Hence my preparation of layers.
My new One Teaspoon dress was designed for people with short legs, they must photoshop the catalogue models photos when they wear it. I was considering returning it, but decided it looks good with boots, almost hide the fact that the maxi dress is now a midi dress, so I'm keeping it. Hopefully you guys agree that it works, because the time to return it is running out.

Bowler Hat - stolen from my dad
Pink Oversized Sweater - Free People
One Teaspoon Dirty Cash Maxi Dress - Nastygal
Boots - Doc Martens
"META" Necklace - hand made
Turquoise Pendant - found somewhere on Haight street

Friday, June 21, 2013

Orange Rhymes w/ Door Hinge

My cousin is visiting us from Berlin for 6 weeks, which hopefully wont distract me from posting regularly. This dress is so comfy, but I must admit, not the most flattering if you have boobs (which is visible in my photos lol). Free People has this same dress shape in multiple dresses, maxi dresses included. At Coachella I bumped into a ton of girls wearing all the different styles of this dress. Oddly enough, the combination that I own, I havent seen anywhere else; this happens to me pretty often with FP pieces. Have any of you seen it before?

On another note, here you have a better few of how my hair looks now.... what do you think?

Beanie - Free People
Stripped Denim Jacket - Free People
Orange Dress - Free People
Fringe Bag - Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Cayman Multi-buckle Platform Sandals - Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Whites

Like I promised, no more ombre! THANK GOD! While dying my hair back to dark brown, I had a mishap, and all my hair was jet black! Every time I looked in the mirror I felt like I should go audition for some horror films, because I had the right look. My mind went back to 8th/9th grade, when the scene kid days were big, because thats how I looked. Obviously, I had a large array of emotions, all bad, towards this unfortunate chain of reaction. I tried dish soap, lemon juice, nothing worked. Then I took a chance, and opened my bleach that I was going to use later on, and put it all over my head for 5 minutes; I didn't want to risk going too light. I then bleached the bottom of my head as originally planned to do later, so I wouldn't waste the bleach that had already been opened. When I finished I put in some conditioner, and slept with it in (too much dying for one day!). This morning I washed my hair, blow dried/styled it as normal, and I am so happy with the results! The bottom needs some more work for what I want, but I'll get there soon! What do you think? Obviously you cant see much of my hair with what Im wearing today, but you get the gist of it right?

Homies Beanie - Asos
Purple Velvet Crop Top - American Apparel
Suspender Dress - Nastygal
Jeffrey Campbell Tread Oxford - Urban Outfitters
Valley Eyewear Wolves Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Monday, June 17, 2013

That Picnic Feel

My weekend up in Shasta was short lived. I slept in every day past noon, and then hung out at the lake until it got dark both saturday and sunday. I pretty much foWe think my eldest cat, Minou, might be sick. She has been throwing up at least once a day lately, and really big amounts. It was the worst this weekend. We are planning on taking her to the vet at some point this week, hopefully they can tell us whats wrong with her, and that its easily healable! Because of her, I decided to wear my Meow belt today - finally!
The shirt I'm wearing in this post is actually color than portrayed in the photos.. I found it at a goodwill in Manhattan. Its covered with "summer activities" such as bathing suites, suitcases, sunglasses, sunscreen, tennis rackets, cameras, binoculars and visors. It makes me feel like a upper middle class white woman in her 50's during the late 80's / early 90's. I LOVE IT!

summer themed button down - goodwill
meow belt - urban outfitters
high waisted denim cuttoffs - urban outfitters renewal
high tops - converse

Also, this is Minou everyone!

p.s. the hot mess that I call my hair, will soon be different! planning on doing it tonight, so get ready!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Prep For The Weekend

The weather in San Francisco has been decent, but I've been wanting some real summer weather. Therefore, me and my mom are heading north to the Mt. Shasta area for the weekend. Don't worry, I'll be bringing pre-planned outfits, my DSLR, and my laptop! I can't wait to work on my tan by lounging in my back yard, and  learning how to SUP (stand up paddle board). Sadly I will still have macroeconomics and art history work to do over the weekend, but the change of scenery will hopefully do me some good; I've been having really bad headaches lately. So here is how I'm celebrating the soon to be amazing weather, and roadtrip ready. Bring on a four hour car ride with my mother!

Crescent Headpiece + Necklace - designed and made by me
Cape Tee - Free People
One Teaspoon ZZ's Shorts - Free People
Ankle Boots - DIYed

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cat Scratches

I got these leggings a few months ago, worried about how often Id actually could wear them. So far, its about twice a month max. When they first came in the mail my roommate said they were trashy and should be sent back, that made me want to keep them even more! When I finally wore them for the first time, she looked at me and said, "You know what, they are actually pretty awesome". Obviously it depends on how you style something like these. My tips for how to style these slashed leggings are:
1) never wear them with stilettos
2) dont go midrift free
3) keep it casual

p.s. dont mind me, not wearing any makeup!

beanie - Free People
UNIF death meowtal tank - Urban Outfitters
Tripp NYC leopard slashed leggings - Karmaloop
Black Boots - Doc Martens

Shop My Closet!

Finally getting around to unpacking more of my stuff since coming home, and realized I have a lot of stuff that I don't ever wear but thought some of you might like. So now I have some of my stuff up on ebay!

Check out what I put up for sale so far!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Caught In The Net

Remember that collection Nasty Gal come out with not that long ago? It had a lot of clear pieces, but mostly mesh/fishnet items. When that collection came out (i stalked their archives put couldnt find it), I remembered this white mesh hoodie and booty shorts that my mom brought me back from her trip to Florida a few years ago. It was more of a gag gift then, but I knew to keep them around for future use.  Today while getting dressed I was trying to find a light weight jacket of some sort to wear, but I STILL havent fully unpacked yet, which makes it difficult for me to find things. While digging through my closet this net hoodie fell onto my lap, and I knew it would be perfect!

Net Hoodie - Picked up by my mom on her trip to Florida 2 years ago
Wildfox Couture Antler Feathers Slip Dress - Dollskill
Jeffrey Campbell Missu Cutout Platform Oxford - Urban Outfitters

p.s. if you like the hoodie, Nastygal has something similar here.