Monday, June 10, 2013

"Sexy Knot" They Said

Today I took a short walk to my nearest Walgreens, and on my why over there someone whistled at me and said "sexy knot!". I burst out laughing right then in there. That must have been one of the weirdest things I've ever had yelled at me on the street; mind you, I've had a lot of weird things shouted at me! So if you havent sneaked a pic at the pictures of todays look yet, you must be so confused on what knot they were talking about. Its the knot I tied in the bottom of my maxi. This dress is so much cuter without the knot, but the only shoes that make me tall enough so its not cleaning the streets as I walk, are my UNIF hellbounds. The fact that its also a white maxi dress doesn't help, whenever I wear this dress the bottom hem is completely black with dirt, even when knotted! Yet, it is such a comfy and cute dress that can be worn so many different ways, I get over those things, and still wear it maybe once or twice a month!

bitching & junkfood tie dye cropped sweatshirt - karmaloop
white maxi dress - wildfox couture
white sandals - asos


  1. that dress is adorable! love it! just followed you dear! check out my blog and maybe follow me if you like. :)

  2. really really like this outfit. the 'sexy knot' really does make it more intriguing!