Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flea Market Finds

On the way to the beach yesterday we drove by the parking lot where our local flea market takes place. I haven't gone in years, and decided I need to go soon since I love flea markets, garage sale, etc. Later that evening my friend wrote me asking if we should go to the flea market - it was like she read my mind! So this morning my cousin and I met up with my two of my friends at the market and took a look around. I wanted to snap some more pictures of things I liked/stands/people, but the nice weather we have been having is officially over, the rain has come. I did end of finding some pretty awesome stuff though! Sadly the turquoise stone covered silver cuff bracelet with removable watch face didn't come home with me, but here is what did:

Pendants from Afganistan (haggled down $5)

Uncut Stones (haggled down $1)

Pink Rabbit Fur Coat (reversible!)