Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You've Got Mail!

I recently ordered the One Teaspoon shadow bikini top, Jeffrey Campbell Cayman multi-buckle platform sandals and the Deena & Ozzy dirty little mouth "meow" belt from Urban Outfitters, and they finally came today! What I was most excited about out of all three items, was the One Teaspoon top.

I've had my eye on that top since it first came out over a year ago! I always figured it just wouldn't fit on a girl with boobs, and so never bought it. Back in April at Coachella, I stood next to a girl during 2 Chainz who had bigger boobs and was wearing it, and it looked great. When I saw that Urban Outfitters got it in, I knew I just had to order it to try it on for myself. The thing I love about Urban Outfitters is that you can so easily return or exchange things by just walking into the nearest store to you, and Im not just saying this cause Im an employee! Anyways, the first thing I did when this package from Urban arrived was try on the top, and I must say, it couldnt fit better! Just in case any of you bigger boobed gals are interested in seeing how the bikini looks with boobs in it, i have this shitty webcam pic for you. I went crazy trying to look for a picture of how this bikini looked filled out more.

There isn't much to say about the Jeffrey Campbell sandals because they speak for themselves. When I tried them on today, I did notice how amazingly comfy they are. I honestly haven't had shoes on in awhile that made me feel that way. The red sole is a lot of fun, and it matches so many pieces I have bought for the summer. I can't wait to style these babies (you can expect to see them some time this week)!

In case you didn't already know, I am quite cat obsessed. Back when I worked at American Apparel my nickname was "Crazy Cat Lady". I own two cats of my own, and about a hundred items of "cat apparel". This belt just became number 101. It was more of a little gag buy, but I know I'll get some use out of it too! And it was definitely a plus that I only spent $10 on it (original price 18 - dont worry guys, its still do able!).

p.s. my nastygal package came today too, so get ready for tomorrow's look!


  1. Great post! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

    1. thank you, and sure ill check it out now! x

  2. yeah you should definitely post about what you're shopping more often, I love to know :)
    (PS Schmeti the bathing suit reaaaaally suits you! x)

    1. haha thanks(: and if you say so, i will!