Thursday, July 25, 2013

Puss In Boots

I went thrifting the other day with my cousin and friend, and found both the denim jacket and the boots that I am wearing today. I wanted a new pair of chelsea boots to replace my pair that I waked my sole off, and while looking online for some I decided to get something a bit chunkier. I found some great shoes at Urban Outfitters, and was just waiting to buy them until I started working there again, but these are even better than the ones I wanted to buy! I love the double zippers, and the chunky ness. I also just love the fact that they are Harley Davidson! I've been wanted a new denim jacket because my friend stole mine, which coincidentally had the Harley Davidson logo on the back, which she now has lost. This denim jacket has plaid on the inside, and is extra warm (+heavy!). When I have it on I feel so safe and comfortable, like I could just fall asleep with it on. Which is great for the days I have been having hanging out at Dolores Park all day everyday, which I believe is how the rest of my summer is being spent. Fun, I know, I am definitely ready for school to start again. One more month!

Levis Oversized Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Shoulder Cut Out Sweatshirt Dress - Zara
Lazy Oaf Cat Socks - Asos
Harley Davidson Boots - Thrifted

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Sticker Clutch

Who wasn't obsessed with Lisa Frank when they were younger? I know that my entire room was covered with stickers/posters/school supplies etc. And since everything 90's is coming back, obviously Lisa Frank did too. Urban Outfitters did some Lisa Frank t-shirts, UNIF did a  design off them, etc. All this reminiscing got me to go on ebay and buy a Lisa Frank sticker pack.

But now what? I have "over 1000" stickers and nothing to do with them. Then I remembered all the different type of pictures I've seen on tumblr featuring stickers, to see if there was anything not completely wasteful to do with  them.

So I decided to do a clutch. I have been wanted a clear clutch anyway, and thought I could personalize mine from all the others with stickers. Make the mainstream item more me. The clutch I ordered from ebay as well. 

I started by cleaning the surface of the bag, so the stickers stick better. Then I just started putting some of the bigger stickers down at random.

I then added some more big stickers, and words/phrases out of stickers, and surrounded some of them already with smaller stickers.

I kept just putting down smaller stickers around the ones already places, and it created almost islands. I just kept putting down more and more small stickers until there was no spot left. I also had a few even smaller stickers to fill in the awkward gaps. Then it was done!

Here are some close ups.

I was even able to monogram my new clutch! (:

I still need to figure out what kind of top coat I can put over the clutch to ensure that none of my stickers will fall off. I was considering some kind of clear rubber paste type thing or going basic with packaging tape.... I will update this post when it has been figured out!!

Eyelet Cowboy

I bought these eyelet pants almost a year ago on sale at Free People. It was my first time ever in an actual Free People store, because believe it or not, there is none in San Francisco. School was about to start, and my mom was helping me move into the dorms. My official move in date was before my roommates so I got bored in my new dorm room and went shopping. I knew that New York had many Free People stores, so thats where I first head off for. The pants are great, but I never really get around to wearing them. Mostly because I never really get around to wearing pants. For some reason, I hate how pants look on me, even though people tell me otherwise. I just hate them. However, every now and then I give it a try and decide pants don't look THAT bad....

Rose Fringe Tank - Wildfox Couture
Eyelet Pants - Free People
Suede Cut-off Cowboy Boots - DIY(originally MIA)
Leather Cowboy Hat - Free People

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's So Fetch

Finally wore my Fetch beanie today. I decided to pair it with color matching socks and cut out shoes (to show off the socks some more). I love pinks with leopard, especially when its a soft baby pink, so I wore my new leopard skater dress that I randomly picked up at Cotton On yesterday. I'm usually not the biggest Cotton On fan, but you can find decent stuff from time to time, and I was in the mall anyway (getting a free Jamba Juice + hitting up the MAC store). I misplaced my sim card somewhere, and went crazy looking for it today.... obviously I didn't find it; hence the shitty iphone pics. Thank you brilliant app creators for the creating my photoshop backups.

Beauty Forever FETCH Beanie - Karmaloop
High Low Sweater - Ambiance SF
Leopard Skater Dress - Cotton On
Jeffrey Campbell Tread Oxfords - Urban Outfitters

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rugrats All Grown Up

Who wasn't a fan of the Rugrats when they were younger? Personally, I've seen every single episode and was then so excited when Rugrats All Grown Up came out! Well thats how I feel today. I wore my new juju jelly sandals for the first time today, and decided to wear it with a children outfit because they are kids shoes in adult sizes. And whats more child-like than overalls? Obviously I am no child though, since I am 5'10, hence the all grown up series of the Rugrats. :P
I spent the day with my cousin. We just wanted to go to the grocery store, but on our walk over it was so nice out we decided to pick up some beers and go to the park. Once we realized we have been there for over 5 hours and that we were both sunburnt, we went to the grocery store and then back home. It was an all around great day, and I got so many compliments on my shoes!

Le Specs Half Moon Magic Shades - Nastygal
UNIF Snapbacks And Cats Too Muscle Tee - Urban Outfitters
Urban Renewal Cutoff Overalls - Urban Outfitters
Blue JuJu Jellies Sandals - Dollskill

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jungle Fever

I had no idea what to wear today, and recreated a look from a picture I found on tumblr:

I would have had those exact same shoes too, if only the majority of my closet wasn't in storage in Manhattan right now! It can get super frustrating, when you have something in particular in mind to wear but you don't own it, or just don't have it with you at the time. Trust me: its been the story of my life since the 10th grade when I first started boarding school.

Black Scarf - Marc Jacobs
Railroad Striped Moto Jacket - Free People
Ruffle High Low Tunic - Free People
Tripp NYC Leopard Slashed Leggings - Karmaloop
Fyre Boots - Thrifted and gifted from my old roommate

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Biker Ballerina

Today I went for a fun look, mixing styles. I decided to wear my baby pink silk circle skirt with my high low cut Harley Davidson tee. What felt obvious to bring this look together were my doc martens. I always wear my docs with dresses and skirts. I actually like them better paired that way than with pants or leggings, which I do do sometimes. I loved how my new sunglasses went so will with the t-shirt because of the orange lenses and orange writing! The second I put them on I was ready to run outside and go for a walk. However, even just going into my back yard to take these photos, I realized I'll need to put on lots of layers before venturing far.... god, sometimes I had San Francisco summers!

Le Specs Half Moon Magic Shades - Nastygal
High Low Cut Harley Davidson T-shirt - Thrifted
In Your Dreams Skirt in Blush - Nastygal
Black Docs - Dr. Martens
Belt - Thrifted

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Basket Ball Wife?

I decided to do my own version of the very popular look: jersey, boy friend jeans, ankle strap heels. Since I hate pants on myself, (its true, sometimes I can wear some, but not usually..) I decided to wear a PU leather circle skirt. Originally I wanted to wear my denim circle skirt, but it was too off putting with my leather eyelet booties and the black/gold jersey; leather just seemed like a much better fit. It is also very cold in San Francisco today, hence my gold oversized knit and my homies beanie. I would have loved to throw a leather jacket over this (in addition to the gold knit), however I still haven't found the perfect jacket. I found one online, but buying jackets online can get really difficult with sizing/material/etc. I need a nice leather jacket before the fall hits in New York..!!

Homies New York Beanie - Asos
no. 13 Gold Jersey - Forever 21
Oversized Gold Knit - Forever 21
Pleated PU Leather Skirt - Forever 21
Leather Eyelet Cutout Leather Booties - Vintage (stolen from my mum)

p.s. ow, can we just talk about those giant bags under my eyes! its summer vacation.... i truly do not understand..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You've Got Mail

While I was up in Shasta I got pretty bored at times, and my weakness is that when I'm bored I like to shop. So I looked through all my favorite online stores, but since I am currently unemployed, there wasn't much to spend.... here is what I picked up.

1. Beauty Forever's Fetch Beanie
2. Lime Crime Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn
3. NastyGal exclusive Half Moon Magic Shades by Le Specs

Back in my "scene kid" days, my fashion/style icons were Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth and Jeffree Star (who's weren't?). All three still very much around today. Jeffree Star now has his own label, Beauty Forever. I first found this beanie on tumblr, and fell in love with it. Gretchen Wieners knew what she was doing when she tried to make "fetch" happen in the movie Mean Girls, because everyone can quote Regina George: "Gretchen, stop trying to make 'Fetch' happen". When I first wanted to buy it, it was sold out. When surfing through Karmaloop, I found out that they had just gotten it in stick and I was stoked! I will definitely be wearing this beanie tons while still in San Francisco for the summer, because we don't always have the best summers, and then again in New York once fall stars rolling in. It will look great with a pair of back skinnies, a dark purple crop top, and some leather booties.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my tweet about wanted lipsticks in all colors of the rainbow. Lime Crime has lipsticks in so many fun vibrant colors, including blue and yellow! I decided just to get this one color first to make sure the quality of the lipstick is okay, plus I've been wanting a nice purple shade for months, but never found the right one. Lime crime lipstick goes on really well, it feels a little oily at first, but then dries and you forget you even have any on. I don't know yet how long it lasts, but I will make sure to let you guys know once I do. So far, I am planning on buying some more of their lipstick colors! Urban Outfitters has them for sale, but are selling out quick, I got this one from Karmaloop, who also sell all colors!

You don't know how many times I have put these babies into my cart without buying them, and finally went for it. I never liked buying sunglasses online, scared that they wouldn't suit my face (returning online purchases is such a hassel, I always think about my purchases to make sure I will like them to avoid it). I have been wanted clear sunglasses ever since I saw the Wildfox Couture bell air frames in clear. I never got them because 1) they are really pricey, and 2) they were sold out everywhere! These guys are amazing though. The bright colored frames are so much fun, and they fit/look amazing on! Also, the price is perfect, $60 sunglasses > $300 sunglasses.