Thursday, July 25, 2013

Puss In Boots

I went thrifting the other day with my cousin and friend, and found both the denim jacket and the boots that I am wearing today. I wanted a new pair of chelsea boots to replace my pair that I waked my sole off, and while looking online for some I decided to get something a bit chunkier. I found some great shoes at Urban Outfitters, and was just waiting to buy them until I started working there again, but these are even better than the ones I wanted to buy! I love the double zippers, and the chunky ness. I also just love the fact that they are Harley Davidson! I've been wanted a new denim jacket because my friend stole mine, which coincidentally had the Harley Davidson logo on the back, which she now has lost. This denim jacket has plaid on the inside, and is extra warm (+heavy!). When I have it on I feel so safe and comfortable, like I could just fall asleep with it on. Which is great for the days I have been having hanging out at Dolores Park all day everyday, which I believe is how the rest of my summer is being spent. Fun, I know, I am definitely ready for school to start again. One more month!

Levis Oversized Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Shoulder Cut Out Sweatshirt Dress - Zara
Lazy Oaf Cat Socks - Asos
Harley Davidson Boots - Thrifted

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