Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Currently Vibing: August

The last month of summer vacation: beaches, rad bathing suites, roller skates, cotton candy and ice cream.

1. Roller skates: In every single thrift store I went into this summer I saw at least one pair of roller skates. You don't even know how tempted I was to buy a pair. What kept me from doing that are my memories of trying to learn how when I was younger. Something that still confuses me is, how come roller blading is easier than roller skating? For now I will just whip out my old roller blades and take a few rides around the block.
2. Fun hair accessories: Did some early spring cleaning around the house recently, and found so many great hair clips. Some with bows, some shaped as hearts or guitars. So ready to rock these through out the rest of the summer and for back to school too!
3. Kimonos: How long have I been looking for the perfect kimono.... the never ending search. There are so many great ones out there, just be prepared to pay the price!
4. Tan lines: We still have one month to grab the tanning oils and hit the beach. For those of you who live in places without tanning weather like me, you can either hit the beds or pick up a pack of fake tan. I personally wish I had the perfect summer tan for going back to school, but am facing the facts that it just wont happen for me. Maybe once school starts up again, I'll have a chance to darken up a bit. Don't worry though, light skin is sexy too!
5. Ice cream: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream! Nothing screams summer more than I nice cold creamy goodness! If you haven't sat in the sun with your friends licking a cold cone yet, make sure to put it on the top of your to do list before summer ends!
6. Rad bathing suites: Bikini's, tankini's, full or with cut outs: spending the rest of the summer at a beach, water park, pool, or just your fire escape cannot be completed without a bathing suite that will make everyone else look like they shop at walmart! (Don't take me wrong, walmart isn't a bad place to buy a bathing suite, one of mine is from there.)
7. Cotton candy: I went to an amusement park recently, and felt the need to do all stereotypical things you do at amusement parks. That includes walking through the park picking at my giant cotton candy stick! I completely forgot how good it is!!
8. Beaches: Sun bathing, swimming, picnicking, bonfires, being with friends: the best place to do that is at the beach. Unfortunately not all can be done at the beaches here at home. To all the people who travelled to beautiful tropical beaches over the summer: e-mail me your pictures, I'd love the see them! I wish I spent the summer in Ecuador instead of San Francisco...

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