Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cat ON The Hat

Yesterday on my way to the grocery store I stopped by the auto shop to see how much its going to cost me to fix my mom's car after getting into a car accident on Sunday; its not too bad, but to have it done before the weekend I had to leave the car there. While walking from the auto shop to the grocery store I decided to stop at Best Buy, and I finally picked up a new charger for my DSLR battery. So happy to finally take good qualtiy photos again.... iPhone photos are just not in the same ranking.
I havent fully unpacked from coming home from New York for the summer, which makes it difficult to get dressed in the morning. The dress I'm wearing in today's post was my last purchase before leaving New York (I still don't understand why there isn't a Free People store in San Francisco). Right when I saw it in the store I thought it would look great with one of my black cowboy hats (I have three). One of them I had put in my storage unit in Manhattan, and the other I left with my friend after Coachella, because I didn't want to carry it on the plane along with my two carry-ons. So I dug out my old cowboy hat that I have since I was 8. It fits a little tight on my head (I sadly had to remove the cow fur belt that goes around the rim because it wouldn't fit at all with it on). It's covered in one of my cat, Minou's white fur, and there was no lint roller in sight. Hence the title of this post. All in all, I hope I have something to do today, so this outfit doesn't go to waste (it's been pretty boring in San Francisco this week), god, I miss working.

cowboy hat - found around the house
Applique Bell Sleeve Tunic - Free People
white crotchet fringe bag - Urban Outfitters
cuff bracelet - hand made
Moochie Platform Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Post Memorial Day Weekend

When I think of Memorial Day weekend, it used to just mean no school on Monday, now all I can think of is all the online sales. Sadly, this Memorial Day I had no money in the bank, and no family to bribe to take photos of me for my blog, hence, no new clothes and no new posts. In San Francisco we had our annual Carnival parade on Sunday, after the parade me and my friends bought some beer and to hang out in my sunny backyard, but I promised to drive my friend to his car. On my way back home I got into my first ever car accident (luckily no one was injured! and the damage on the car isnt bad either). I finally got all the insurance claims handled yesterday, and my parents are back from their Memorial Day weekend getaway, so I FINALLY was able to do a blog post.


High Low Cropped Sweater - LF Boutique
Pleated High Rise Skirt - Forever 21
Missu Cutout Platform Oxford - Jeffrey Campbell

Obviously I didn't have the best long weekend, but I hope yall had a better Memorial Day weekend than I did!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loving Lazy Oaf x Nastygal

I have always been a fan of Lazy Oaf, and have been waiting anxiously for the launch of the Lazy Oaf x Nastygal collection. Today is the day! Luckily I get my paycheck tomorrow! ;)
Here are some of the shots of my favorite pieces from the lookbook.

I would love to buy all these pieces, but sadly my summer budget (no job this summer) wont allow it. Although, you can bet that the flower power dress is already in my cart!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's good to be home!

School's out for the summer, and I finally have some down time at home. Yesterday I went to a San Francisco Giants game (we won!) with my friends Gabi and Isaac. Today I slept in, and it felt oh so good not worrying about missing class or being late to work! Having dinner with my parents at our favorite french restaurant down town. Last time I was home, I realized that my DSLR's battery charger was broken, so I'll be taking cell phone outfit photos until I can get a new one, which will hopefully be soon! Here is what Im wearing today:

sweater - free people
ruffle tunic - free people
black slip - free people
boots - frye

Our garden is currently "under construction", but the weather was so nice, and made great natural lighting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Day of School / Pictureplane Show

Friday was my last day of school for the semester, and to celebrate, my best friend Conny from high school came over and we went out with some of my friends to a Pictureplane show. If you don't know of his music, I recommend you check it out!
For the show, I got to style my friend Conny with my own clothes, which is always a lot of fun, especially when the person you are styling feels comfortable enough to be going out in what they have on. Below is a picture (sorry for the shitty drunk iPhone photos), of the two of us in our outfits.

Conny is wearing:
Top - UNIF
Leggings - Widow
Boots - Dr. Martens

I am wearing:
Top - American Apparel
Skirt - Nastygal
Socks - borrowed from my friend Jessi (green hair)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry - handmade & freepeople

Here are a few more photos that we took that night, more to come, once everyone gets their disposables developed. (;

Alex (@alexandervander) and I.

Gaby (@topsg_xo) in her self made PVC dress, and I.

Conny (@conny_swiss), Jessi (@jessi_lembo) and I.

p.s. All usernames I had given are for instagram, in case you are interested in a little stalking of my friend group. (;

Monday, May 13, 2013

Found Object Final Project: Barbie Hands

In my casting class, our final project was to find a random object and get it casted to make a piece of jewelry out of it. She showed us some images to get us inspired, there were twig necklaces, cigarette butt pendants, matches turned into rings.... I wanted to do something that looked classic, but came from something fun. Thats when I decided to use a barbie. To get inspired, I googled "barbie jewelry" and found some interesting pictures:

These are all super fun pieces, but like I said earlier, I wanted it to  be more classic, and needed to get my object casted anyway. So after I picked up my barbie doll from the big Toys R Us in Times Square (which terrified me, and made me feel like I was on an episode of Project Runway), I started playing around with her to see what I could make.

At first I wanted to make two bangles, one out of her leg and one out of her arm. I dont know if you have seen the new barbies lately, but they are supposed to look more like "the average woman" yet her legs are now twice as long as her arms, and are pretty fatty, which wouldnt work for a bangle, and her arms are too short to make it around. Thats when I decided to use her hands, so I took a pair of scissors and chopped them off. While playing with them to see what could look nice, I realized that her hand positions make a heart when you put them together.

I fell in love with the idea, ran to the store and picked up some super glue to glue the two hands together, and then dropped it off at the castors. Here is how my necklace turned out:

I got so much good feedback from my friends and tumblr/instagram followers, that I am considering mass producing them and selling them sometime in the next year. Today though, I had to hand in my piece to my professor so she could grade it and she didn't give me any (positive or negative) feedback, she only asked if the hands came put together or not and then gave the piece back and walked away. Mind you, I've had some issues with this professor all semester, but it still felt kind of weird that she didn't say anything to me about this piece when she usually says what she likes about it, what she doesn't etc.

What do you think about my barbie necklace?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chasing and Repousse FINAL PROJECT

I wasn't the biggest fan of my Chasing and Repousse class, yes it's a beautiful form of working metal, but it takes too much time and effort for my likes. I tried making a hibiscus flower, and basically failed. But, since its a jewelry design class our final project for the semester is an actual/wearable piece of jewelry, which let me turn my hideous hibiscus into a warrior princess style cuff bracelet.

Here are some pictures of the finished piece: 

Sadly I have terrible lighting in my dorm room, but here is another picture that I posted on my instragram account where you can see the different colors of the metals I used better:

Finals week being this week, you can expect a few more posts about my other final projects!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Look Into My Past

Since this blog is new, and I will be busy with finals + moving out for the next two weeks therefore not being able to post any looks until I'm back in San Francisco, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite outfits (that I have documented) from this past year. That way, you will have an idea of what my so called "aesthetic" is all about.

A White Mane

With characters on tv like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or Scarlett O'Connor from Nashville, long white hair has grown very popular. My friend bleached her hair a few months ago, and recently someone asked her if she did it because she was a GoT fan (which she now is since people kept bringing it up with her due to her hair color, and finally started watching the show). I've always wanted blonde hair as a little girl, I was always so jealous of my mother and grandmother.... but now I want more than just "blonde", I want platinum, almost white/grey. I've been growing out my hair since I cut it into a bob my junior year of high school (4 years ago - wow I cant believe its actually been that long), and I wanted to wait to bleach it until I hit my goal length. Now Im starting to come to terms that my hair will probably never get as long as I want it, and since I have a whole summer with nothing to do, I might as well try it out. If it looks bad, I can always dye it brown again.... right?


I have bleached my hair before, and now know how to treat it so it doesnt become so damaged. Only problem is, will I look good as a blonde? Will it make my face rounder? If I end up not liking it, Ill have to hide in my room for a week before I can dye it back.... is it worth it? I'll let you be the judge of that.

My hair now:

My hair when it was ombre:

Should I go blonde or not?