Monday, July 8, 2013

Animal Instinct

I'm back from my week and a half break up in Mt. Shasta. Did a lot of swimming, eating, and tv watching. SO HAPPY to be back home, and in the city.
Today I decided to wear my Harley dress. Since it doesn't have much shape, I gave myself more definition through the heels and jacket. When I first got the dress I didn't know if I wanted to keep it or not, but people kept telling me they like it and that I should keep it, so I guess I will. Why not right? It's not like my closet hasn't already exploded and expanded to an overflowing dresser and sofa! haha.

bejeweled tiger moto jacket - Free People
UNIF Harley leather overall dress - Nastygal
black UNIF Hellbounds - Urban Outfitters

And here are some instagram pictures from my mini vacation:

1. Mt. Shasta // 2. Waterfall in Dunsmuir
3. Hippie Mobile // 4. My cousin Theo pumping up a boat
5. My injured big toe // 6. Mt. Shasta via Lake Siskiyou
7. Sunset/thunderstorm via our backyard // 8. 4th of July w/ my mum
9. Mt Shasta // 10. 4th of July sparklers w/ my dad
11. Plague Caution sign in forest // 12. my dad in a river

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