Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Sticker Clutch

Who wasn't obsessed with Lisa Frank when they were younger? I know that my entire room was covered with stickers/posters/school supplies etc. And since everything 90's is coming back, obviously Lisa Frank did too. Urban Outfitters did some Lisa Frank t-shirts, UNIF did a  design off them, etc. All this reminiscing got me to go on ebay and buy a Lisa Frank sticker pack.

But now what? I have "over 1000" stickers and nothing to do with them. Then I remembered all the different type of pictures I've seen on tumblr featuring stickers, to see if there was anything not completely wasteful to do with  them.

So I decided to do a clutch. I have been wanted a clear clutch anyway, and thought I could personalize mine from all the others with stickers. Make the mainstream item more me. The clutch I ordered from ebay as well. 

I started by cleaning the surface of the bag, so the stickers stick better. Then I just started putting some of the bigger stickers down at random.

I then added some more big stickers, and words/phrases out of stickers, and surrounded some of them already with smaller stickers.

I kept just putting down smaller stickers around the ones already places, and it created almost islands. I just kept putting down more and more small stickers until there was no spot left. I also had a few even smaller stickers to fill in the awkward gaps. Then it was done!

Here are some close ups.

I was even able to monogram my new clutch! (:

I still need to figure out what kind of top coat I can put over the clutch to ensure that none of my stickers will fall off. I was considering some kind of clear rubber paste type thing or going basic with packaging tape.... I will update this post when it has been figured out!!


  1. go with a waterproof spray finish!

    (oh ps im the awkward person who asked you on tumblr about sf living stuff)
    check out my blog too!