Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Basket Ball Wife?

I decided to do my own version of the very popular look: jersey, boy friend jeans, ankle strap heels. Since I hate pants on myself, (its true, sometimes I can wear some, but not usually..) I decided to wear a PU leather circle skirt. Originally I wanted to wear my denim circle skirt, but it was too off putting with my leather eyelet booties and the black/gold jersey; leather just seemed like a much better fit. It is also very cold in San Francisco today, hence my gold oversized knit and my homies beanie. I would have loved to throw a leather jacket over this (in addition to the gold knit), however I still haven't found the perfect jacket. I found one online, but buying jackets online can get really difficult with sizing/material/etc. I need a nice leather jacket before the fall hits in New York..!!

Homies New York Beanie - Asos
no. 13 Gold Jersey - Forever 21
Oversized Gold Knit - Forever 21
Pleated PU Leather Skirt - Forever 21
Leather Eyelet Cutout Leather Booties - Vintage (stolen from my mum)

p.s. ow, can we just talk about those giant bags under my eyes! its summer vacation.... i truly do not understand..

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