Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eyelet Cowboy

I bought these eyelet pants almost a year ago on sale at Free People. It was my first time ever in an actual Free People store, because believe it or not, there is none in San Francisco. School was about to start, and my mom was helping me move into the dorms. My official move in date was before my roommates so I got bored in my new dorm room and went shopping. I knew that New York had many Free People stores, so thats where I first head off for. The pants are great, but I never really get around to wearing them. Mostly because I never really get around to wearing pants. For some reason, I hate how pants look on me, even though people tell me otherwise. I just hate them. However, every now and then I give it a try and decide pants don't look THAT bad....

Rose Fringe Tank - Wildfox Couture
Eyelet Pants - Free People
Suede Cut-off Cowboy Boots - DIY(originally MIA)
Leather Cowboy Hat - Free People

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