Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rugrats All Grown Up

Who wasn't a fan of the Rugrats when they were younger? Personally, I've seen every single episode and was then so excited when Rugrats All Grown Up came out! Well thats how I feel today. I wore my new juju jelly sandals for the first time today, and decided to wear it with a children outfit because they are kids shoes in adult sizes. And whats more child-like than overalls? Obviously I am no child though, since I am 5'10, hence the all grown up series of the Rugrats. :P
I spent the day with my cousin. We just wanted to go to the grocery store, but on our walk over it was so nice out we decided to pick up some beers and go to the park. Once we realized we have been there for over 5 hours and that we were both sunburnt, we went to the grocery store and then back home. It was an all around great day, and I got so many compliments on my shoes!

Le Specs Half Moon Magic Shades - Nastygal
UNIF Snapbacks And Cats Too Muscle Tee - Urban Outfitters
Urban Renewal Cutoff Overalls - Urban Outfitters
Blue JuJu Jellies Sandals - Dollskill

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