Monday, June 24, 2013

Its A Pink Thing

I have really been into pink lately, as you can tell from my recent outfits. But this new hot pink fur coat is just the most amazing thing ever! I bought it at a perfect time too, most of you probably are having hot summer weather, but today it was cold and rainy in San Francisco. The rain is on and off, hence the sweater wrapped around my waist, dont want to get my new fur wet, so if I decide to go outside when its raining I just switch. I do miss the nice weather though, so my mom, my cousin and I are going back up to the Mt. Shasta area on Wednesday. Sun, lakes, rivers for a week will do me some good!

Petals And Peacocks Barf Beanie - Dollskill
Vintage Hot Pink Fur Coat - Flea Market
Suede Crop Top - Brandy Melville
Grey High Low Sweater - Ambiance SF
PU Leather Circle Skirt - Free People
Black Thigh High Socks - American Apparel
UNIF Hellbounds - Urban Outfitters

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