Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Third Wheeling in Nürnberg

I took a 2 hour train ride from my grandmothers house to visit my best friend Mona and her boyfriend Basti for 2 days. So basically I was being a major third wheel! (;
It was amazing to see them though, Basti I last saw at our high school graduation, and Mona over thanksgiving break when I flew out to Germany. Not being able to see your best friends for long periods of time really sucks, but it makes the time you spend together so much more special!



(they took me out to their favorite dive bar)

(the most amazing jewelry stand)

(new hoops and palm tree studs)

(curry lunches in the sunshine)

(city beach bar)

(new anklet from the amazing jewelry stand)

(me and Mona, selfie time)

While I was in Nürnberg my wallet was stolen out of my bag. Major down side to my whole summer vacation because all my credit cards,  my debit card, student ID and drivers license are now gone. Spend a few hour calling all my banks to cancel the cards, and didnt have a cent to my name. Luckily my grandma lend me some money to hold me over until my new cards arrived to my friends apartment in Vienna, but I still had 10 days in Ibiza before then. Worst of all, my Hale and Hearty soup card was all stamped up and ready to be turned in for a free soup, but it is now gone forever.... Do you have any idea how long it takes to fill up a 10 stamp soup card??
Just because my wallet went missing doesn't mean my time in Nürnberg was ruined. Just being with Mona was worth it all. I love her so much, and miss her when we're not together. Can't wait to see her again when I take her with me to the grandparents over christmas!!!

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