Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ibiza Pt. 1 (BEACH)

I had THE best time in Ibiza, and ended up taking wayyyy too many amazing photos. So I decided to share them with you all by doing multiple blog posts. One about the beaches, one about our nights out, one about our day excursions, and one about The 1975 concert - you're all going to love that one!
So here we go with part one: beaches.
I must say neither California, Ecuador or Greece compared to the beaches in Ibiza! The water is so clear, and such gorgeous colors. I never wanted to leave! I know most people go for the clubbing, but that wasn't even in the same field than the beaches. Just look at these photos.

(Conny does not tan... at all. No matter how hard she tries!)



(drinking a coke at the beach bar)

I'm gonna try to make it back out there next summer! It was just so amazing!

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