Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crete, Greece

First stop on my summer vacation: Crete, Greece. My grandma wanted to spend some time with me and actually do something instead of just hanging out in the small town she lives in, in Southern Germany. I had talked to my dad not too long ago about my list of places I still need to visit before I die and I guess he forwarded the information to her. Since Greece was near the top of my list, and not hard to get to from Germany it was an easy choice. She booked us a cheap all inclusive resort for 8 days, flight included. The resort itself is family orientated, aka loads of little kids running around, and even had a water park with 6 different slides (which I avoided) and a private beach.

(view from the dining hall)

(the view from our room's balcony)

(all inclusive = unlimited cocktails)

(me hunting for stones)

(stray cats, the black one looks just like my Friday!)

(freeeeeeeee, but sadly they didn't taste that good)

(not even slightly burnt, just tan from the very first day there! thanks OneTeaspoon lol)

(free beer at the beach)

(picked up these cute leather friendship bracelets for all my friends I plan on meeting up with later this summer)

(and sent out tons of postcards)

I'm not gonna lie though, it was beautiful, but I hate resort vacations. You stay in the resort the whole time and don't see anything of the place you visited. We wanted to take a day trip to Santorini. One of the main places I've always wanted to see in Greece, next to Athens. However to get there from the resort you first have to take an hour long bus ride, then a 2 hour long boat ride, pay an entry free to Santorini and then do the whole thing again to get back a few hours later. It was also a 250 euro price tag per person. I was still down to do it, but my grandma gets super seasick and I could tell she was just super not down to go. Still, the beach was beautiful and my tan looks amazing now! Perfect for my next big location: Ibiza!

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